Day in the Life

This morning actually started earlier than usual. Iris woke up every two hours last night which is not usual for her now that she’s 4 months. The last time she woke up, around 5:30ish, Arya woke up crying as well. (That has unfortunately been happening more often than we’d like recently.) My husband went go lie in her bed with her while I finished up with Iris. Not long after that, Arya joined me in bed while Richie got ready to go to work since he had some out of town extra training this morning.

As soon as the sun came up, Arya was ready to start the day, so I got up and made me some coffee. I filled her snack cup with cheerios, gave her some almond milk, and put on her choice of tv show, so I could finish getting ready. Today’s choice was Sid the Science Kid. Once I was dressed and had breakfast served for both of us, she was excitedly talking about leaves.

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The Joys of Having Toddler Bookworms

I’ve been a bookworm myself for many years and grew up with American Girl, The Little House on the Prairie, and Harry Potter on my bedside table. I even was envious of the fact that Belle was given her own library, and I decided at a young age that I wanted my own personal library.

Naturally, I had every intention of fostering a love of reading in my own children from a young age. Heck, it has been proven that future ACT scores are for kids whose parents read to them at a young age rather than those that studied their butts off with flashcards and worksheets, so I also had the science to back this up as a great idea.

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My 10 Favorite Supplies for Creating Toddler Activities

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I’ve been crafting for pretty much as long as I can remember. That means that I, like many other crafters out there, HATE throwing away supplies that I even suspect I could possibly use in the future. It drives my husband crazy. However, he complains slightly less now as that means I have many things around the house already that I can use to create various activities (usually involving fine motor skills) for our 19 month old.

Even if you aren’t a crafter like me, you probably already have many of these items around the house as well:

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